<aside> 📆 This course starts at Friday, 3rd May, 2024 1:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)/5 PM UTCC/7 AM, Hawai’i Time


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Cost: $75 USD in addition to your CHI 2024 registration (3 units).

Writing and organizing research papers is a valuable skill that can make or break your academic career. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools offer unprecedented opportunities for researchers to improve their skills in writing research papers and conducting literature reviews. In the past six years, my writing course has introduced you to everything you wanted to know about writing papers. However, with the arrival of generative AI, our writing process is changing. So, now I offer the opportunity to learn how to leverage generative AI tools to edit your writing, brainstorm, and help you find citations, so that your papers are easy to read and have an impact. It is broken up into three 75-minute online units that will help you structure your paper’s research content and use generative AI as assistive research technology. The goal of the course is to learn how to leverage generative AI to help you write a paper that makes a contribution to the field of human-computer interaction and can be understood by other HCI researchers, facilitated by the use of generative AI tools.


The course is designed to provide a comprehensive guide on how to write better CHI papers. The three online units will take you through all the necessary steps for writing an effective paper with AI).

Course Goals

Course Overview

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By participating in this course, you will learn to: